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Obama and Romney 2012

Four years ago, I was actually in to the upcoming presidential elections and the more controversial state and local propositions. Today, I seem to be more interested in the state and local propositions themselves and I couldn’t care less about who is currently running for the next President of the United States. The difference between today’s upcoming elections versus the presidential elections from four years ago was because both candidates four years ago were fresh faces and non-incumbents, pitted against each other to see which one of them wins the right to seat of (possibly) the most powerful leader of the world.

I was never an overly political person, nor that I’m really in to politics in general. I only get interested in aspects of it, whether if it would be something very significant that can wholly affect my entire community or something that would simply just piss me off. Despite that I still pray and hope for getting myself back in the work force again, I seem to be a whole lot more interested in the way the government deals with foreign policy and immigration. After all, my family and I had a wonderful opportunity in to entering the U.S. legally and of course, eventually became U.S. citizens. We also wished that many of our family members would also have the chance to come and settle in this great country of opportunity, but then depending on the situation, immigration laws and restrictions may change, so of course, immigration is a huge issue for us.

I wasn’t paying attention as much in the first presidential debate because I was busy watching my Oakland A’s ALDS Game 4 against the Detroit Tigers. Last night, over dinner, I actually did pay attention. The issues brought up in that debate where none other than foreign policy and immigration issues. But let’s heed away from the presidential race and the debates at this point. I’d like to rant (rave?) about some of the state and local propositions that I always see in the local TV commercials that would seriously baffle me regarding the pros and cons and the similarities and differences between these said propositions.

CICAProposition 30TaxesSCHOOLS & LOCAL PUBLIC SAFETY PROTECTION ACT (proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown): Increases current sales and income tax rate to support schools and public safety programs.
CICA/SSProposition 31State BudgetTWO-YEAR STATE BUDGET CYCLE: State government will be required to establish a two-year budget cycle and a complete required overviews of performance goals and reviews of state and local projects.
CISSProposition 32LaborPAYMENT PROTECTION INITIATIVE: Ban on corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates
CISSProposition 33InsuranceAUTOMOBILE INSURANCE PERSISTENCY DISCOUNTS: Car insurance rates can be based on a person's insurance coverage history, otherwise known as "persistency discounts."
CISSProposition 34Death PenaltyEND THE DEATH PENALTY INITIATIVE: Eliminates the current death penalty in California and will be replaced with life sentence with eligible parole.
CISSProposition 35Law EnforcementHUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SEX SLAVERY BAN: Penalties will be increased to human trafficking and/or sex offenders.
CISSProposition 36Law Enforcement"THREE STRIKES LAW" MODIFICATION: The law approved in 1994 via state voters will have revisions and modifications if passed.
CISSProposition 37RegulationsMANDATORY LABELING OF GENETICALLY-ENGINEERED FOOD: Requires labeling of raw or processed foods offered for sale to consumers if food is made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in some ways and prohibits labeling or advertising these types of food as "natural."
CISSProposition 38TaxesEDUCATION SUPPORT FUND: (proposed by former federal attorney Molly Munger) Increases state income tax to fund Californian education system (almost quite similar to Proposition 30)
CISSProposition 39TaxesMULTI-STATE BUSINESS INCOME TAX INCREASE: If passed, California can require an income tax increase towards out-of-state/multi-state businesses. This particular tax increase will not affect California-grown local and global businesses.
VRProposition 40RedistrictingSTATE SENATE REDISTRICTING PLAN REFERENDUM: If approved, California may go through the veto referendum system to nullify the California State Senate Redistriction Plan


  • CICA – initiated constitutional amendment
  • CISS – initiated state statute
  • VR – veto referendum

SOURCE: Ballotpedia

I have to admit that with so much propositions up to be decided by the public through this major election coming up in November, it’s no wonder not very many people in general are enthusiastic in going out to the ballots and cast their votes. Even the general public opinion regarding the two presidential candidates are completely mixed. When I registered to vote at age 18 I never affiliated myself with any party. I guess I didn’t care much regarding the “specific” beliefs and stands in each parties, as long as the right actions chosen and voted are actually being initiated and justified.

Even until now, I’m still quite baffled on who and what to vote on, which is why I’m letting my dad (who actually is in to politics, considering his family has some local/small-town political background) do all the reviewing and analyzing of the propositions and the candidate initiatives for the entire family. None of us registered to be in alliance with a specific party, however majority of our decisions and candidates seem to be leaning more towards the Democratic side. We may be Catholic and in some ways traditional, but we’re not completely right-wing like most staunch conservatives would.

Here’s to November’s election. May the best candidate win and may the rightful propositions be passed and get in to effect. 

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