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My Intro to U-JAM

November is demo classes month at the UC Sports Center. There are quite a lot of opening slots for fresh new fitness classes as of late and it’s about time that the sports center diversify their fitness class offerings and cater to all ages with diversified tastes. Since the beginning of fall I’ve been stuck with just the treadmills, Zumba, and occasionally Afro Belly Boogie classes and I have been looking to diversify myself in order to get back in shape, lose weight, and you know, maintain my health big time to stay alive and live longer.1 I was excited to learn that the sports center were having demo classes in hopes that these become regular additions to our group workouts. Diversity in fitness programs is as good as diversifying yourself with the foods you eat.

According to the group exercise schedule calendar, the demo classes are as follows:2

Apparently, I missed Yogalates (I’ll assume it’s a combination of yoga and pilates) because I was sick with the flu the entire week, and of course, I had church on the 11th so I can’t make it to Zumba on Sunday. What I didn’t miss among these demo classes was the very much talked-about U-JAM Fitness. I plan on taking the demo Muay Thai Madness class tomorrow. It may be a good refresher from all the kicks I loved to do while I was in the college Taekwondo Club before. Brings back memories.

U-JAM Fitness is a relatively brand-new dance fitness craze that started around two years ago by local choreographer and fitness instructor Susy C. I’m always all up to support anything and everything local from small businesses to big businesses, and U-JAM joins in the ranks of Google, Adobe, Apple, Rice-a-Roni, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Napa and Sonoma wines, and all that. U-JAM is a new dance fitness program that combines various modern and urban styles from hip-hop to known various international dance styles syncing to the hottest hip-hop tracks from the past to the present4. Like Zumba with its hypnotic el sabor latino (pardon my Spanish!) in their soundtracks, U-JAM has that familiar urban flavor that catches on to every person of every age, shape, and size that once you get in to the routine, your mind may think “I’m tired” but in actuality your body craves for more.

At least, that’s how I felt when I first took it. I am not a dancer myself. Heaven knows how much I tried and yet I still look really funny “dancing” right in front of the mirror, but dangit I grew up listening to hip-hop, R&B, and urban-style music, and I’ve always enjoyed watching dance crews and other dancers busting moves to these phat beats, know what I’m saying? That’s why I felt very comfortable taking the class because I kept in mind that we are here working out and getting in shape while having fun at the same time, and yet once you’re in to it, you will eventually forget that you are actually working out. When you take a class that would make you sweat just showing off your inner swag, you really do feel no shame at all.

I really do hope that U-JAM would become a regular part of UC Sports Center’s array of fitness classes alongside the ever-so-popular U-JAM, Afro Belly Boogie, and a U-JAM-esque Dance Party Fitness (it’s almost the same, but I think Dance Party Fitness take it a bit more easy compared to U-JAM’s high-energy aerobic cardio workout). A major plus in that demo class was that I got to see old high school (and middle school!) friends again! I even got to meet the lovely instructor also.

Just two more hours until Muay Thai Madness! Better get ready. Hope it doesn’t rain.

  1. For those who aren’t familiar with me right now, I have Type 2 diabetes. []
  2. in chronological order []
  3. The UC Sports Center already has a lot of Zumba classes, but a new instructor this time! []
  4. dance tracks also included, of course! []

6 Responses to My Intro to U-JAM

  1. Rey-Rey says:

    Woke up at 5am and not able to go back sleep, I decided to read some of your blogs. Funny that I asked you a few days ago if you had a blog and come to find out you do have a blog! As I mentioned before, I noticed that you were a good writer by reading your statuses on FB. I wanted to take the time to say that I’m glad to have met you through U-JAM Fitness®. I enjoy getting to know you before and after class, and at U-Grub =). I’m humbled and blessed to meet awesome peeps like you in class, it makes my job fulfilling and rewarding. You’re doing a great job Adri! I’m impressed with your courage coming up for a song. You may know it or not that are inspiring others. Keep it up sistah! <3

    • Adri says:

      Hi Reg! Just woke up @ 8am. I used to have a feature in my blog system (WordPress) that allows the system to automatically post the link to my latest entry on my FB but recently it’s giving me errors so I had to remove it and find another one that would actually work properly. :) With U-Jam, gradually I’m feeling the spirit coming on to me and becoming a whole lot more familiar with the U-Jam Community and how we do things on the floor LOL. As far as inspiration goes, I feel like I’m the one more inspired by everyone, rather than me inspiring everyone. We inspire each other. ^_^

  2. Rey-Rey says:

    I’ve already found a typo. I will proofread before I hit send next time.

    You may know it or not that YOU are inspiring others.

    • Adri says:

      Hey Reg~! :D Don’t worry about the typo, I’m still trying to figure out how I can tweak WordPress (blog software I’m using) in to allowing visitors to edit their comments LOL. I haven’t written articles for Technorati for over a year now and I plan on covering the U-Jam 3rd Anniversary, but I need pictures. I’d love to take pics but I’d be busy jamming LOL, and I’ll need permission from the photographers out there who do have a chance on taking photos. We’ll see, we’ll see. :D

  3. Rey-Rey says:

    “We inspire each other. ” I LOVE IT!! Sounds like an awesome idea Adri! I’ve tagged the U-Jam Fam on the FB post. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get some pics of the event. =)

    • Adri says:

      Thanks so much Reg! It’s true though. We really do inspire each other. :) Can’t wait for June 8! (ooh that rhymes! LOL XD)

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