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Good Things Come to an End

I haven’t been blogging here since I began participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo, but now that I’ve got all that cleared out, I’m back.

Thanksgiving was awesome as always. I spent it at my cousin’s house, in which my cousin and her family made their debut hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner since they moved here from New Jersey. I also had my fourth victory at NaNoWriMo as well with around 72K words in the end. It was officially verified last night and I am a happy camper.

During my last few days pumping out as many thousands of words as I can down the stretch of the month, I also did get myself in to a form of writer’s block. I took a break from it and decided to get back in to what I used to love several years ago: MMORPGs1. Mabinogi (or was it ROSE Online) were the last games I played before I faded from the MMORPG scene as I only lasted about a few days playing them due to work and other offline issues. That was even like 4-5 years ago.

Moving on, I started back on MMOs by playing Shaiya. After that I downloaded and began playing Grand Fantasia. I even tried playing browser games like Wartune and Crystal Saga. I also tried out Eden Eternal and Elsword as well. Some of these games I didn’t enjoy and some of them did, however they all had one thing in common that made me quit early from out of those games: the other players and the entire community. It was either the community was inactive or the other players who at least try to get connections with are a bunch of snob jerks. Those who have been playing MMOs should probably know what I mean by this.

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart Couple (courtesy of the Lucent Heart Fansite Kit)

Finally, just a few days before the beginning of Thanksgiving week, I discovered Lucent Heart from the MMOHut website. There are a few similarities to Grand Fantasia but this game provided plenty for a noob gamer such as myself. For instance, I leveled up really fast that I got up to around to level 15 for my first day without an aid of a party. What really drew me to Lucent Heart even more compared to all the games I played in the past was that on that same first day, only at around level 9 or level 10, I was invited to join a guild known as the BlueSky Guild. Honestly, this was the first time that I was invited to join a guild, versus the past games where players have to search for a guild and then join at random without knowing the type of players you would be associating and what type of activities that the guild has to offer or engage in. Being invited to join is a whole lot different for me. It gives me a chance to get to know the people and how they communicate and play with each other, earning the opportunity to actually feel that you truly belong in the game and in the community. I met plenty of friends and even got a “soul mate” at random for extra boost of experience points to level you up even more.  We went through difficult quests together as a group, as a pair, or even as a pair of soulmates, even had dance parties, attended events, and simply just hang out. In some ways, it’s a whole lot different being in the game’s word compared to real life, but regardless, the second day and the third day, I knew that this game and the guild really grew on to me and would never imagine myself leaving the guild or even be apart from the people I’ve met and played with.

Then again, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, my days at Lucent Heart have finally come to an end. It’s not just my days, but the days of my fellow friends, guild members, and other players as well.

Just two days ago, beanfun! (the company that distributes/hosts Lucent Heart) has made an announcement that due to lack of funds, they could not have a renewal agreement with PlayCoo (the creators of Lucent Heart) and that the entire company including the services and the games they hosted (Lucent Heart, Divina, and Web Koihime Musou) will be closing this coming January 2013. Even though we have until January to play the game, it felt like that same day became the end of everything. Although the reasons behind the closing is really unfortunate, the closing of the game itself was still heartbreaking. I felt like I only started fresh even though I’ve been playing for over a week now, but to end so abruptly like this is just shattering. We had plans for this guild, from doing guild vs. guild, building our own official guild site, and a lot of things once our guild level continues to increase and able to recruit more guild members. Then again…

I personally did not want to play another game being the “lone wolf” player again like in the past and that I really enjoyed playing with the BlueSky Guild that we all decided to do some heavy search for a new game that we can migrate in to and play again. We hoped that we’re able to find another game that’s somewhat similar to Lucent Heart (I’m not just talking about the graphics but also the gameplay, the game-wide events, the activeness of the community, and everything else) but we all know that’s pretty much close to impossible. We’re still searching right now, but we’ll find ourselves a new home. For sure.

So, here’s a short blog entry that I wrote as a small dedication to the BlueSky Guild of Lucent Heart. I’m happy to get to know all of you: Vahn (who recruited me to the guild on my first day of playing the game), Beaters, Crey, Mel, Sige, Soul, Djay, Shin, Healer, Kits, Arc, and all others I may have forgotten. And although I may have some troubles here and there, thank you for accepting me as one of your own. I really do hope we can find ourselves a new home together soon— With Sincerity, Kai (KairinEye)

I guess in some ways, the end can mean the beginning of something new also, so I hope this would be the case for us starting today.


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