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Another Story Idea

I actually got an idea for another story to write based on my experiences from playing (the currently in danger of closing) Lucent Heart (LH). I’ve tried writing fantasy genre stories before but I fail big time. I don’t know if it’s lack of research, lack of general knowledge, or simply there are just writers out there who were just plain creative. For the latter, I really give my huge salute and respect for their overwhelming yet convincing imagination for crafting exciting fantasy-based stories, such as the Harry Potter series, His Dark Materials, and even The Hunger Games.

So, this particular one would be my umpteenth attempt in to writing a fantasy-genre story. It’s going to be a hodgepodge of the past and the present, so obviously this would take place in an alternate reality world/timeline. No title yet, no concrete concept yet, but I kinda want to steal some ideas from LH and other concepts just to fit in with this story idea. There may be some changes, but you know, these are just ideas. I also wanted to base the nature of the story on possibly Greek, Roman, or even Norse Mythology (maybe a bit of some Asian mythology thrown in here and there but we’ll see), plus the whole Zodiac thing (12 principal signs of the Zodiac, and there are also 12 principal signs of the Chinese Zodiac as well). But again, let’s just see what happens.

Anyway, here it is:

Two teenage siblings, Dudley (18) and Miori (16) Bly, only had one thing in mind: to find, rescue, and bring their missing father home. The only clues they had were the handmade pendants their father gave them at a young age and the names “Lunaria,” “Auberon,” and “Phantom Trigger” appearing on their father’s last letter to their mother before his disappearance. The only thing they can remember about their father was that three years ago, he left the family in order to serve in a very important assignment bestowed upon him by their current ruler, King Cronus, king of the heavily advanced, militarily and economically powerful Kingdom of Montara. It wasn’t until two years later that they learned from the king’s messengers that their father, Fenton Bly, had gone missing and have been doing all they can to search for him.

Raised in the very modest upbringing in a rural farming and fishing town of Sweet Apple Valley, the siblings knew that leaving the search for their father to the king’s agents was not enough. After all, living in a time in which society gives limitations to the type of class types they were born with alone doesn’t convince them that this was a promise. Knowing this, they convinced their mother, Ange, and grandmother Syne, that they would go out on a journey together as siblings to look for their father themselves. But with very little supplies and no money, the siblings knew that they will be having many difficult and dangerous obstacles, but with determination, dedication, and effort, they knew that one way or the other they will survive. They can only count on the many lessons they learned from their parents and from their fellow village folk from farming, fishing, gathering, herding, and hunting, in addition to the various self-defense techniques that they learned from the village elders. Definitely, they will find many ways to overcome any obstacle they face, however they need to find where they should start first on their long search. Just having the current clues they have right now certainly were not enough.

With those things in mind, the siblings found their head start when the Montaran Royal Bard Division arrived at Sweet Apple Valley to announce a very important, highly-regarded event that will be taking place at the Capital City of Inoran, where the Montaran Royal Family and the central headquarters of the kingdom’s government and military is located. A tournament for the recruitment of the highly talked about, most elite 277th Crown Regiment, will be held in three weeks from that day, and are searching for contenders and worthy warriors of all backgrounds to come and participate. The tournament will be divided in three categories: melee combat category, ranged combat category, and magic combat category. There have been several tournaments for regiment recruitment such as this through many hundreds of years of this kingdom’s existence, but they were only open to those of the noble class or other smaller royalty and the tournament is being held every twenty years. The 277th Crown Regiment Recruitment Tournament became the very first royal tournament that now allows everyone regardless of class to participate.

What attracted Dudley and Miori to this tournament wasn’t because of the fact that they will have high honors to serve their king and the royal family. They both wanted to enter the tournament simply because the Bard Division also announced that the 277th Crown Regiment, which will be led by the heir to the Montaran Throne, Crown Prince Doromal, will be leading a full-scale military force and engage in war against the rising Thunder Orcs Clan, descended from the evil goddess Kursala, and that the latest attack of these orcs happened to be in another kingdom, Lunaria. Because the name Lunaria linked so much to their father being missing, this became their open opportunity for their search. Dudley had been a careful, tactical hunter along with his father since growing up, using a variety of weapons starting with a slingshot, a bow and arrow, and lately at his age, a rifle, and would be perfect for ranged combat. Miori, on the other hand, learned how to tend flocks of sheep and had learned self-defense skills with just a long shepherd’s staff and even using two long wooden sticks and would be perfect for the melee combat.

At the tournament, the siblings come across new characters and even characters unknown to them but have been keeping their eyes open for them as well. Unbeknownst to the siblings, the elite clique lead by Crown Prince Doromal and his bethrothed, the alluring Princess Aryana, seemed to be interested in the siblings. The handmade pendants given to them by their father gave the royals their reason why they should not ignore them and that consider to recruit them to the 277th Crown Regiment without even letting them compete in the tournament.

Well, that’s just a gist of what I came up. Of course there will be changes to the original idea but for now, this is what I came up with. I already know the names of the characters I have in mind along with their ages, backgrounds, personal motives, and skills. But once I get a clearer idea then I’ll probably come back to this and further develop it.

I still love Stardust House. I’d love to continue on it, but for now, I would like to take a short break from it (esp. writing the rough drafts of the 2nd book). Will be editing/proofreading the first book soon.

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