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Happy Birthday MG!

Although it’s already late, here where I live, your birthday was just the beginning.

I have been extremely busy these past few weeks because of NaNoWriMo and MMO gaming, however I tried all I can keep in touch with you, your whereabouts, and your happenings on FB, so at least I know I’m not falling behind. You’ve come a long way— a very long way— through your younger days to your teenage years. Now at eighteen, you are about to embark on a brand-new journey and a new stage in your life. Since the PBB Days, the paths and days ahead had always shined for you, and even up to now, you always continued to shine.

I’ve been thinking on what I can give you for my birthday present but because of real life among other things, I haven’t had the chance to figure out what I should really give you for that special day and I feel embarrassed because you are turning in to the important age of eighteen. So instead, I decided to write to you instead here on my blog. After all, it was how we first met/encountered each other, so what would be a good way than to go back to our “roots” of our friendship together?

I’m thankful that we’ve met and are able to communicate with each other whenever we can even if we’re thousands of miles distant from each other. Thank goodness for social networking and various types of communication technology! I feel a lot closer to you now whenever I see you post on your wall, whenever you write blog entries in your own blog whenever you have the time to do so, and of course, whenever I see you tweet. It’s like we’re under the same roof just chatting, hanging out, having fun, talking about whatever was on and about our lives right now.

And of course, you and all my fellow Pinoys at the home country are always in my prayers as another natural disaster has struck the islands once more. We only have two weeks left until the day the world ends1 even LOL.2. But regardless of what happens, we still got today and we’ll always make the best of when we can and while we’re still here, standing straight, facing forward, and smiling.

Keep doing what you always do, Myrt. There’s still a bunch of retards that we all know as haters who are still roaming around like headless chickens wondering how they’re going to survive life as long as you and all the troubles they hate are around. Even if that was the case, don’t ever let them get to you. Don’t ever let them bring you to tears and then fall in to depression. You’ve come a very long way to where you are now and you pretty much experienced everything average girls experience everyday (bullying, being played by guys, high expectations from family and public, etc.) and you are still here, standing high, proud, and happy. There’s still a lot of obstacles waiting for you under way and always be prepared for that. Don’t let anything, most especially showbiz altogether, change you the way you are. I’m always happy and delighted seeing you cosplayin and modeling with your Rilakkuma Kingdom and everything else. Don’t ever stop that and never forget your roots and the people who were with you all that time— you family, friends, the otaku and cosplaying community, and of course, the viewers who supported you all the way during your PBB stint. As long as you remain being you, those same people will always remain with you.

I saw this video Neuee posted at the M-Senshi group! I wish I was there also with you, but having him and V (both M-Senshi reps) there was more than enough. I would write this in the M-Senshi blog, but because this is a personal message to you, I decided to write it here on my blog instead.

So HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYotanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu! May all your wishes and dreams come true and have a more prosperous life and career! I you sweet lady~!

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