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Counting Down to the New Year

Whew, it’s been a long while since the last time I blogged. Christmas really took my time off online to prepare the gifts, prepare the food, and prepare myself to welcome folks and friends whom I haven’t seen for quite awhile. Christmas this year was definitely awesome, as I did not end up bedridden in the hospital like I was last year.

I have been on and off, mixing and searching my interests. I completely withdrawn myself from writing Stardust House since I began NaNoWriMo, and right during the final stretch of the writing event that I got myself immersed in to MMOs once again. Since I withdrew from Lucent Heart, the game that I grew to love yet sadly will have its servers closing in January, I have been searching far and wide to get myself immersed in to a brand new MMO. So far all I have was to wait until the open beta finally becomes available for the highly-anticipated Ragnarok Online II.

Two days ago, Mom and my (not-so-)little sister from L.A. spent our Friday morning to go out to the movies and watch the silver screen version of the long-running musical Les Miserables. I’ve always loved the story and I’m not really new to this movie as well. I’ve read Victor Hugo’s very lengthy novel for an English and History assignment back when I was a sophomore in high school and even watched the live Broadway stage version of the musical in downtown San Francisco as a freshman the year before for my drama class play report. With the musical itself then, I never got a chance to fully enjoy the entire story and its memorable characters because I was so focused in to getting a good grade by writing a thorough, convincing essay to impress my teachers and classmates. With the movie twenty-something years later, I finally was able to enjoy it. I still gotta mention this though: I can never imagine Russell Crowe actually singing, but he really did make a convincing Inspector Javert, the antagonist of the story opposite Jean Valjean, the protagonist of the story portrayed by fellow Aussie star mate Hugh Jackman. Nevertheless I loved the movie and the ensemble that was assembled. I would read the classic novel again, only except without the stress of writing a book report essay about it. 

These past few days, I finally had a chance to download all the fansubbed episodes of the most talked-about anime series this year, Sword Art Online. I was able to download them via torrents and I was able to finish all 25 episodes in 2 days. I could write a whole lengthy review of the entire anime series but I won’t. I want to save all that for the actual light novel series currently being fan-translated right now. I was able to acquire the fan translations of the ten volumes available1 because I felt like the novel was lacking a lot of things, most especially at the Alfheim Online (ALO) arc. And it was because of this that I had to remind myself how much the originally written books were always the better material than the visual remakes of the book series, whether if it was live action or anime. It’s like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, for example.

Well, just a short blog entry again. Who knows when I’m gonna start blogging again. Although I am working on a sample chapter of that sample story that I wrote up weeks ago, but with plenty of changes. You’ll see when I have it up once more. 

  1. I’m aware that the light novel series is still ongoing but the anime series is over… for now? []

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