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A Bright 2013!

I have been “in hiding,” so to speak. I’ve been busy throughout this month of February for good, bright reasons. For one thing, I had been having job interviews here and there, and lately, I have had the opportunity to take a chance in getting back in to the workforce again by taking in small jobs before taking an ongoing long-term temporary job. The thing is, although we have paid training today, it’s not even certain whether all of us would actually continue to work for them or not, so in some ways, today’s paid training at a mobile app company also serves as some kind of an interview, or rather, an “audition” to be a temporary employee.

And also today, because I finally got my first paycheck, I finally was able to renew my domain (adrimarie.us) today for two years. In that way I won’t have to worry about money matters again when it came to renewing domains. I still have yet to do something with my other domains as I haven’t actually had the time to work on them. Well, I’ve been busy with work. In addition, my (fan)fiction writing as well. I don’t think it’s safe to say that I finally got this job nailed in the bag. I really do wish they would choose me though. I think the job is easy to understand (well, this includes reading hundreds and hundreds of receipts) and that I’ve asked enough questions for me to make the process work.

Anyway, if I do end up becoming one of the temps of that company I will reveal the mobile app that I work for, for promotional purposes (it’s a useful app by the way. It could save you a lot of money from your everyday shopping. Of course, your medical bills and your financial bills are obviously not accepted.

Other than that, I have been rather slow as of late. I’ve done so much spring cleaning on my room as of late, so to speak, and now the room is spic and span super-clean again. No more piled up junk mail. Whew. Other than that, everything else is still the same.

I really do start working on my sites again.

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