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(Un)Employment Woes (and Whoas)

So, that mobile app company that I felt I was guaranteed a position didn’t turn out how I expected. I don’t understand why companies such as that would put us candidates through training of their system, only to learn that the next day that you didn’t get the job? Wouldn’t it be easier and money-saving if candidates go through some kind of a test first before they can actually place them in training? On the other hand, at least this company was gracious enough to pay us just for going through this training. Very grateful.

Just as I thought my (un)employment woes were going back to the way it was again just like the past two years, there still is hope. I still have a chance on the job position that I rejected a few weeks ago because of this mobile app job. Although this one is located just two blocks from my house, it’s a very highly-secured area where you handle very sensitive and personal documents. Therefore, I had to be fingerprinted and provide documents that would prove me a U.S. Citizen living in the States. Today, I’m in wait mode for the employment agency’s phone call and see the results whether I get a position in this particular job or not. Dang, cross your fingers. 

At the moment, I am seriously flat broke. I do get paid tomorrow from that training day and my last day at that 2-3 data entry/excel job. Still, not enough to satisfy my monetary needs.

And that’s about it. I’ve been cleaning my room as of late. Come on, it’s 2013. Time for a change, you know?


2 Responses to (Un)Employment Woes (and Whoas)

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the mobile job! I hate it when that happens. I haven’t fully experienced that before but my friends went through the same thing of paid training but not getting the job. Don’t worry though, something good will come out of it! :)

    Good luck on getting your other job!

    • Adri says:

      Thanks for the comment (and for stopping by LOL). :) This is actually the first time I’ve gone through this type of situation. Most the time it would be interview and testing first and then they decide whether I’m hired or not. If I’m hired, that’s when I go through training.

      Well, I’ve applied for two more positions while I wait for the results for the other job. You may never know, so might as well back yourself up. ^^;

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