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(F)Unemployment Adventures: Training and Workshops

I had my welcome one-on-one meeting with a lovely career adviser named Kathy at the CONNECT Center in Sunnyvale1 earlier today. My friend took one of the workshops (interviewing skills) on the same day, which I will eventually be taking it also. I’ve got plenty of concerns and such regarding my long-term bad luck with job search. I thought it had something to do with my resume at first, but then the adviser did remind me that I did get a few calls and interviews but never really had a chance to get hired, so obviously it wasn’t the resume that’s the problem. It was the interview.

I’ve always dreaded interviews because I always get in those times where I already know what I’m going to say beforehand but when you actually do get to the interviews, that’s when you start blanking out. I already admit that I am not a very social person (as in not very talkative, not very “outgoing,” so to speak,e tc.) because that’s just how I’ve always been and I don’t think that’s going to change (except for a few close friends, I do get talkative). I also stutter as well and that’s not a very good sign either. Hopefully the next interview workshop I’d be able to attend and finally learn the nuts and bolts on how to do well in an interview.

Second issue that I brought up is keeping my skills up to date. My entire work history involved clerical and administrative with heavy emphasis on data entry, and yet my true loves (web designing/development, content writing) are always hobbies and at times, I lack inspiration in becoming more creative because I get occupied with other interests— such as (fan)fiction writing, anime/manga, video games, you name it. Reason why I rarely have any professional experience with the field I studied because of the fact that the skills I learned from college is already considered outdated in the real industry once I earned my BFA. That’s the only disadvantage of getting in to the IT field and keeping up in the IT field. Technology grows faster than you.

Sadly, I’m not even qualified for free federally-funded training because I’m not even qualified for unemployment insurance. So technically, I have to find other ways to upgrade myself. I have been taking online (free) classes on web development through Code School and Code Academy and that the adviser advised me to continue with these courses. She even provided me with other free online training links as well so I’m going to try that as well. I already started with the Javascript/jQuery class at ALISON just earlier today. It stated that I can even earn certification from ALISON should I complete the course, so certification would truly help.

Well, back to square one for me again. And I’ve always thought that 2013 would be the year that I can finally exit the unemployment life.

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  2. see 5/02 entry []

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