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What the heck is this theme?!

It’s a “coming soon”/”under construction” theme! Yes, that’s right. I am building yet another fresh theme for my blog. I’m really working hard in steering my designs away from the “amateurish” styles by using Artisteer,1 but I want to rebuild my new theme based on a premium framework now, since I finally figured out this whole “child themes” concept for WP2 I would like to test what I’ve learned by revamping my entire blog/personal site.

I plan on doing the same for my portfolio and a few of my other non-personal projects as well.

That’s about it for now. Nothing much new to report.3

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  1. not that it’s an “amateur” theme-building software mind you! []
  2. I know, I sound like a total noob saying this []
  3. aside from becoming unemployed again after ending my contract job… []
  4. not that it's an "amateur" theme-building software mind you! []

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