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The Diabetic and Health Nut’s Guide to 85°C Bakery Cafe Breads

The Diabetic and Health Nut’s Guide to 85°C Bakery Cafe Breads

At work today, I made my “official” debut in the bread section of the bakery cafe. Because the customer-picked breads have no labels in them by the time it reaches the registers, we have to memorize all of our bread items and use our sharp memories to identify the breads along with some general knowledge of the ingredients in them.

I think I’ve mentioned this many times, but as a diabetic, I really can’t help myself but to love food. You can never go wrong with loving food, most especially if you have a chronic disease like diabetes in which completely affects your diet and your usual tastes. It even affects your habit of being a food adventurer such as myself. Nevertheless, as long as we eat our favorite foods in moderation, we should be able to control our fluctuating sugar levels and our own personal selective diets.1

Right now I’m being trained to work at the breads section, where I am required to memorize and remember all of the bread items and the categories they belong to.2 I really have to thank the bread packet that was provided to me by the managers because the ingredients are included in them. Now I can easily pinpoint and provide suggestions to customers who are also diabetic, such as myself.

But if you live anywhere outside the Bay Area and if you have an 85°C somewhere near your neighborhood,3 please do use the following mini-guide to choose diabetic-friendly breads. I don’t have any photos of these breads at this point, but you’ll be able to see them when you do go to the nearest branch as they are labeled. If not, you can always ask an employee or manager to identify the bread for you.

Also, this guide also assumes that you are not allergic to anything, as many of our breads do contain some allergens.


  • Multigrain Toast – This bread has more than ten different kinds of grains blended together, with high fiber level and vitamins. A few of the ingredients include pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and rye flour.
  • Whole Wheat Toast – One powerful ingredient on this bread: wheat bran.

European Style

  • Multigrain - A definite top choice for diabetics and health nuts. This bread is very low in sugar and salt content. 80% grains and 20% wheat flower, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, rye flour, walnuts, raisin, white sesame, soy bean powder.
  • Berry Multigrain – Cranberry version of the multigrain. Well, it’s multigrain with (dried) cranberries in the mix.
  • Walnut Raisin Multigrain – It’s multigrain bread without the seeds and with wheat bran and other nutritious goodies inside.
  • Raisin Wheat Bran - It’s a long stick of bread containing wheat bran and rum raisins.
  • Hotdog & Cheese – It’s whole wheat bread with hotdog, green peppers, onion, shredded cheese (Cheddar and Mozzarella), fresh parsley. Perfect treat for lunch!
  • Marble Taro – One of our two top-selling breads in the menu4, the marble taro has taro filling and an array of nutritious ingredients, such as the taro filling5 almonds, white sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, flaxseeds, rye flour, & wheat bran. The bread has a bit of natural sweetness in the filling, but this is one bread that is seriously packed with good healthy stuff! Because the taro filling in the bread has a very low glycemic index, this bread is also a recommended choice for diabetics.

Japanese Style

  • Whole Wheat Mushroom - a long stick of whole wheat bread with mushrooms and a blend of cheeses on top.

Going through the entire bread packet, that’s all that I could pick from their huge variety of bread items. Obviously, if you’re a diabetic who’s worried about your sugar levels and such, simply stay away from the ones I didn’t list here, as well as the Danish pastries.

There is one special dessert that 85°C offers that is highly recommended for diabetics and health nuts. You’d be surprised:

  • Fruit Jelly Cup – the jelly used in this dessert cup is agar gelatin,6 which is a natural vegetated jelly substance retrieved from algae, often used in Japanese desserts, as well as the Filipino halo-halo. 7 Because this is a natural substance, it has very low cholesterol, low sugar, high fiber, and helps reduce blood pressure and helps with weight loss. The cup is accompanied with low fat yogurt and a variety of fresh diced fruits. A bit of warning – there’s a hint of alcohol on this dessert, so this is not recommended for kids.

And that would be it with our menu. Reading from the Yelp reviews, I have seen some yelpers comparing 85°C to other similar bakeries and cafes8 but none of them failed to indicate that there are bread items that are friendly for those who have to follow a strict diet. Hope this little guide helps everyone who are curious with the 85°C “hype” here in the Bay Area and wonder if all of our menu items are friendly to all discriminating palates.

I don’t know if there will be new additions to our menu, but as of now, this is all I have. When new (and recommended) items do appear in our menu, I’ll be sure to update.

  1. this, of course, includes exercise as well! []
  2. European, Taiwanese, Japanese, Danish, Toast, Rolls, “Others”… []
  3. That would mean you would be living in SoCal, Taiwan, China, and/or Australia []
  4. the Brioche is the other. []
  5. Taro, as well as the sweet potato, are so much healthier than potatoes! In addition, taro also is a good alternative to the potato as well. It is also considered as one of the “superfoods” for the health conscious. []
  6. Kanten jelly []
  7. gulaman []
  8. Paris Baguette – a Korean bakery cafe that also serves fresh bread, cake, and pastries, although they are French and Korean styles []

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