(BLA-BLA-ing since 2002!)


Welcome to ADRIATASTIC! This site serves as my blog and personal website featuring a hodgepodge of things coming from me to you. Although you will expect mostly writing than anything else, I do would like to say thank you for taking the time to come and visit!

I divided the About page in to different sections, not only because it looks cleaner, but I think it also helps working around the responsive designed-theme for mobile users as well.1 Simply click on the headings below.

Intro-lude Extended

You see my mini-profile on the sidebar. This is the extended version.


Some frequently (and not-so-frequently) asked questions about me and my site. Some of them are derived from my Formspring account.

Site Information

The barebones and the general info regarding this site.

Terms of Use

If you would like to share my entries or other pieces of writing, please read this first. Thank you!


Not everything is mine, and when I do use someone else’s sources, I do provide credit (and link when applicable) to the original owners/holders. Everyone else should do the same.



  1. Submenus don’t work on mobile sites, responsive design-built or not. Sadly. []