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Artistic Solitude

sleeping_artisticgirlI’ve always thought of myself as a creative person. I like to make things. I also like to make up things too.1 The funny thing is that it seems that observant people can immediately tell a creative person simply by our own unnoticed habits. One of them just happens to be one distinctive characteristic: being alone.

I recently came upon this article about the usual habits of highly creative people.2 Reading through it, I realized that I have done all of these said habits and have indeed stuck to them in my daily life routine. But what struck me the most in the list is habit #10 - They take time to be alone.

For the most part, yes, I am usually alone whenever I get in to my hobbies. I watch my J-dramas, anime, and other shows by myself.3 I create websites, write fiction and fanfiction, and do various art things alone. Heck, when I read books at home, I don’t do it “group reading” style either.4 Heck, there are other things outside my house that I mostly do alone. Here are the following:

  • Exploring different sorts of restaurants and eateries. It’s mainly because my mom and my brother are not much “adventurous” when it comes to food and mainly because many of my friends aren’t always available, especially during weekdays. I only do this usually after work.
  • Going to the park and/or the beach. They’re my solitude havens whenever I feel like I want to be alone or if I’m in dying need of some inspiration for writing or art.
  • Singing. I am part of my church choir, but I do not sing soprano voice. I’m more of a supporter5 than the lead singer, so to speak. But when I’m away from church, I sing when I feel like singing. Even at work, singing is actually encouraged, however, I only sing when there’s nobody around.
  • Workout. Before I discovered U-Jam, I was usually alone whenever I go to the local sports center. I can be at the treadmills or even at the group classes. Even with group classes, I don’t mingle with others except for the instructor. When U-Jam came to my life, it was then that I finally realize that working out is so much fun with your friends reconnected and friends you made. When the upcoming U-Jam DVD is released I might resort back to working out alone again at home.6
  • Exploring in general. When I go to the shopping malls, I go alone. When I wanted to check out a new store that sells unusual goods, I go and explore it alone. I even explore a local town on my own as well. I go to museums and even (anime/manga) conventions alone.
  • Photography. My dad usually takes all the family photos. Me, on the other hand, take photos of landscapes, urban scenes, nature, anything that doesn’t have any people in it. When that happens, I prefer taking my own photographs alone.

Why do I like doing things alone? It’s not because I’m a loner or that I hate the good company of other people or anything like that. It’s simply my way of surviving and keeping my sanity intact when there’s nothing to do and if I feel uninspired to do things. Most artists and noted authors craft their work to perfection when they’re by themselves. It doesn’t help when you create your art with somebody just yapping and yapping about things that’s got nothing to do with your work. Know what I’m saying?

Oh, and here’s another article to read: 21 Awesome Things That Are Way Better When You Do Them Alone.7

Let’s just say, I love living my life in an artistic solitude. I’m single and not looking, that’s a fact, but regardless of my marital status, I am never alone. I’m not an only child in my family, I have three happy, healthy, and successful younger siblings. I have plenty of uncles and aunts and numerous cousins, nephews, and nieces whom I haven’t even met. And of course, I have plenty of friends from reconnected ones from the past to friends at work.

I am a solitary individual, but I am never alone. 

  1. as in writing fiction and other artistic-related stuff, obviously… []
  2. in general, not necessarily those in art… []
  3. only because both of the TVs in the house are always occupied and the only other family member who likes the same things as I do no longer lives under the same roof as I am… []
  4. my entire family are addicted readers. Each of our own bedrooms have our own bookshelf, plus we have two more big bookshelves in the family room too… []
  5. alto []
  6. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to the sports center or anything… []
  7. for the LOLs… []

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